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Night King Glow In The Dark (Game Of Thrones)

Terrifying even in the dark

This figure is a Gamestop exclusive version of the first Night King figure created by Funko. The pale blue skin reminiscent of the color of ice is still present, as well as the simple but relatively elegant tunic that contrasts with the nightmarish appearance of the character and his army. Although humanoid on the whole, his face is transformed and we can see his very marked bones as well as his quasi absence of lips and nose. His face is also covered with small horns that are reminiscent of dragons. Finally, of course this figure is phosphorescent and therefore glows in the dark for an even more terrifying effect.


The ultimate enemy

The Night King is one of the most important characters in Game Of Thrones, the fantasy series based on the novels by George Martin. On the continent of Westeros, the seven kingdoms are separated from the wilderness to the north by a huge wall of ice. On the other side live the wildlings, but above all, much more dangerous creatures. As winter arrives the white walkers are back and have started to gather an army of undead that grows day by day and threatens the entire realm despite the ignorance of everyone except the night watch. The night king seems to be the leader of the white walkers, pale skinned creatures with luminescent blue eyes that have the ability to wake the dead and control them. We learn in season six that the white walkers were created from human beings by the children of the forest at the time of the arrival of men in Westeros in order to protect them. But their creatures unfortunately turned against them.


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