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Olenna Tyrell (Game Of Thrones)

A mythical character

Olenna Tyrell remains among many fans’ favorite characters, so it made sense that Funko would end up representing her for this SDCC 2018 exclusive figure. So she is represented with this very typical Tyrell outfit. She wears a light green dress with pretty embroidery on the top part and wears a metallic belt with a rose in the center, the symbol of her family. On the head, she wears a headdress that completely hides her hair and would almost give her the look of a nun if it wasn’t for its bright turquoise color and the vegetal motifs that can be found on the front. Finally, she is of course shown with a glass of wine in her hand, as is so often the case in the series.


The matriarch of the family

Olenna Tyrell is the matriarch of the powerful Tyrell family in the series Game Of Thrones adapted from the famous novels by George Martin. Although she is a woman, Olenna is the unofficial head of this family who has always been on the right side of the power wars in the continent of Westeros. They had long supported the Targaryens before siding with the Baratheons some twenty years ago and they were there to help the Lannisters when they were in conflict with Stannis Baratheon who considered himself the only legitimate king. Olenna is an intelligent woman and she is particularly close to her granddaughter Margaery whom she considers the only true heir of the family, her own son lacking the intelligence that characterizes both women. She even goes so far as to poison Joffrey Baratheon on his wedding day with Margaery, not wanting her granddaughter to end up married to this violent and perverted man. When Cersei kills a large part of the court at the end of season 6, Olenna leaves Westeros and decides to ally with the Martells to support Daenerys Targaryen. Unfortunately, things won’t go exactly as she planned.


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