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Orisa OR-15 (Overwatch)

A basic version

For this figure exclusive to Gamestop stores, Funko decided to represent Orisa with her OR-15 skin, that is to say with still the appearance of the robot whose parts were used to build Orisa. She is still in a super sized 15 cm size but instead of the African inspired colors and decorations, Orisa is here white, green and gray. Of course she still has the cannon at the end of her right arm as well as the two parts on each side of her head that almost make her look like she has two pigtails.


A New Life

Orisa is a playable hero from the popular video game Overwatch by Blizzard Studios. She is an android that was made by a gifted Nigerian girl from the parts of an old OR-15 android. The girl took it upon herself to completely reprogram the robot to make a security robot for her city. By giving it a powerful artificial intelligence, the young girl also allowed the robot to develop a (feminine) personality of its own that makes it still involved and efficient in its mission to protect the city.


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