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Peter Parker (Spiderman Homecoming)

An ordinary boy

In this umpteenth version of Spiderman, Peter Parker is a high school student, as he is supposed to be in most comic book versions. For this reason, he has a very simple outfit. We find a gray jean worn with white sneakers with stripes. With that he wears a blue sweater probably with the logo of a school or at least something related to science. He carries a black backpack that he holds with his left hand. On the head, his face is simple but we can see his brown/red hair on the side.



Peter Parker is the main character in Spiderman Homecoming, the reboot of Spiderman by Marvel movie studios. Having first appeared in Captain America Civil War, Peter Parker is back for his own adventures. Indeed, his powers linked to his accident with a radioactive spider not having gone unnoticed, Tony Stark had called upon him during the conflict that opposed him to Captain America. Back home in New York, he continues to discover his powers under the benevolent attention of Tony Stark. But when the Vulture, a new super villain, appears, it will be for him the opportunity to act alone and become a real superhero with all the dangers that it entails.


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