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Pogo (The Umbrella Academy)

An elegant monkey

Pogo is thus a chimpanzee moving and speaking like a human. He is also dressed very elegantly with a late 19th century look, just like Reginald Hargreeves. He is wearing black pants with a blue jacket and a red jacket and tie. We can also see the chain of a small pocket watch and he wears small half-moon glasses set on his nose. Finally, given his advanced age, he also moves with the help of a wooden cane. Indeed, his face is indeed that of a chimpanzee but one can see that the hairs around his face became white and gray.

A wise butler

Pogo is an important character of the series The Umbrella Academy adapted from the comic of the same name. He is a sort of butler of the Umbrella Academy founded by Reginald Hargreeves after he adopted seven children from a non-pregnant mother only hours after giving birth to them. These seven children showed extraordinary abilities and for this reason, he trained them to become superheroes. Pogo is an ape, probably a chimpanzee, who seems to have been genetically modified to become more intelligent and to speak English, probably by Reginald Hargreeves himself. Together with Grace, the robot programmed to be their mother, he has been very involved in raising the children and has often given them the affection their father never gave them. But when Reginald Hargreeves dies and the children come back for his funeral after having left the academy for a long time, we understand that he also hides some secrets. Indeed, he was also an assistant of Mr. Hargreeves whatever the requests of this last one.


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