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President Loki (Loki)

A President in bad shape

This version of Loki wears a stylish suit but has seen better days. It is a black three-piece suit with black shoes and a green jacket. The leg and one arm of his suit are torn but he still stands in a proud attitude with his arms crossed. At the head, his horned crown falls to the front of his face like a mix between a helmet and a headband. Finally, his long black hair is pulled back.


An elected Loki

President Loki is one of the variants of the character of Loki found in the series of the same name. At the beginning of this series, Loki manages to escape with the Tesseract when the Avengers go back in time. This creates a parallel timeline and he gets arrested by the TVA, a secret agency that protects the sacred timeline”. Loki is saved from execution by an agent who wants his help in finding another of his variants that is causing chaos. This causes them to learn things about the TVA that it would prefer to keep secret and he and Agent Mobius find themselves sent to a planet where a timeline-eating monster lives. On this planet, they find all the variants of himself that were sent there before him. In particular, there is a version of him that apparently got elected president and is trying to take control of all Loki.


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