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Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

A brilliant princess

Funko has represented her in this new version of Princess Jasmine in the Diamond version, that is to say with clothes decorated with sequins. She still wears her famous turquoise outfit with puffy pants, a top with small sleeves and a kind of cape. The whole is decorated with very fine golden embroidery and the whole is matched with her sandals. At the level of the face, we find her complexion very matt and her eyes slightly made up. Her hair is brought back in a kind of bun and she wears a golden tiara decorated with turquoise stones matching her outfit. Finally, she also has matching earrings and very finely reproduced.

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A princess reinvented

Jasmine is the heroine of the new version of Aladdin, the classic Walt Disney film. Jasmine is the princess and daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, destined to have an arranged marriage and remain a mere prize for whoever marries her. But Jasmine longs for something else, to discover the world and meet her people. One day, while going to the market incognito, she crosses paths with Aladdin, a young thief with a big heart, and takes a liking to him. Later, Aladdin is paid by Jafar to enter Ali Baba’s cave and find the famous magic lamp. But he rubs the lamp and the genie appears who tells him that he will be able to fulfill three of his wishes. Aladdin then vows to become a prince to have a chance with Princess Jasmine. But she is not so easily impressed and still thinks of the young thief she had met on the market.


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