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Rocket (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

Rocket has new gadgets

As explained in the first movie, Rocket is a very smart raccoon, able to invent many gadgets. As we can see here, he always wears a suit covering part of his body as well as a metallic armor on his chest, close to the one Gamora wears too. He also wears a sort of jet pack on his back, which apparently allows him to propel himself, leaving behind him a trail of a strange orange material, very nicely represented here in semi-transparent plastic. He holds in his hands two futuristic guns with multiple barrels. On the head, we can see his raccoon face with the texture of his fur very nicely represented and the beige pattern imitating his eyebrows and giving him that angry look.


A raccoon as smart as ever

Rocket is one of the main characters of the second installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Discovered in the first episode of this Marvel Studios film, Rocket is a raccoon genetically modified to make him intelligent and give him the ability to speak. In the first movie, he was a bounty hunter with his friend Groot, the giant tree. But after trying to capture Peter Quill and the dangerous object in his possession, they find themselves teamed up with him, Drax and the dangerous Gamora in a mission to save the galaxy. In the second film, they are now a small family of sorts, continuing their missions across the galaxy. They will find themselves searching for the mysterious identity of Peter Quill’s father, who was not from Earth as he had always believed.


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