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Samwise Gamgee (The Lord Of The Rings)

Sam at the end of the story

Sam is here clearly represented towards the end of the story, more particularly during the scene of the Return Of The King just after Frodo has been attacked by Shelob, the giant spider. At the body level, we can see that Sam is wearing the classic hobbit clothes, green short pants with suspenders over a simple grey shirt. With that, he is of course wearing the cloak given by Galadriel at the end of the first book/movie, attached by this famous green leaf brooch, very nicely represented. We can also guess the straps of the backpack in which he carries all his supplies. At the level of the head, his face is simple but one recognizes well his curly hair of a reddish blond. Finally, he holds in his hands Sting, Frodo’s sword and the luminous object that was given to him by Galadriel. Sam holds them at this precise moment because, Frodo having been bitten by Shelob, he uses them to fight her.

The faithful friend

Samwise Gamgee is a hobbit and one of the main characters of the very famous literary and cinematographic trilogy The Lord Of The Rings. Thousands of years before the beginning of the story, the terrible lord of Mordor, Sauron, tried to take power over Middle-earth with the rings he gave to the greatest human, elf and dwarf kings to bribe them into giving him the one ring that would allow him to control them all. After a long war, the alliance of the three peoples won but the ring and thus Sauron survived. At the beginning of the story, the ring is by chance in the hands of Frodo. Coming from the peaceful people of the hobbits, his concerns are far from war and power. Yet Mordor seems to be gaining strength and it is decided that the ring must be destroyed. The hobbits being particularly resistant to the ring’s pull, Frodo volunteers to go and destroy the ring. He will be accompanied by a company of dwarves, humans, elves, wizards but also several hobbits including Sam, his most faithful friend. If he is at first reluctant to leave the Shire, Sam will eventually find his courage and will do everything to help and protect his friend in his dangerous mission.


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