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Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

A pretty witch

For this figure of Sarah, Funko has depicted her in her long, fashionable 16th century witch’s dress. This one is purple and red with an embroidered bustier, long sleeves and a red, gold and purple embroidered skirt. She also wears a long purple cape and holds a spider in her right hand. On the face, we can see that her skin is particularly pale and that she has long, light blonde hair, slightly curled, and black eye shadow around her eyes.


Back to life

Sarah Sanderson is one of three witches who come back to life at the beginning of the famous fantasy movie Hocus Pocus. Max is a teenager from California who comes to live in the famous town of Salem with his family. He is not very happy about it but at least he becomes fast friends with Allison, his classmate. On Halloween night, they go trick-or-treating together and with his younger sister Dani. At one point, they end up at the home of the famous Sanderson sisters. Not knowing their history, Max lights one of their black candles and brings the three witches back to life. But in order to stay young and alive, the three sisters must suck the life force out of all the children in the town. Sarah Sanderson is the youngest and prettiest of the three sisters and although Winnifred considers her a fool, she has a magical voice that attracts children like a mermaid and a tendency to flirt with every man she meets.


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