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Scream Symbiote (Marvel)

A funny super-villain


A terrible children

Scream is one of six symbiotes created by the government from Venom’s eggs in the Marvel Studios Venom comics. Venom is an alien creature that needs a host to survive. While Venom was able to make some sort of peace with his host Eddie Brock by using his natural violence to fight criminals, this is far from the case with Scream. She was created and associated with a host, Donna, who had volunteered. The American army was developing these symbiotes to counter the effects of the nuclear holocaust that they thought was inevitable. The symbiotes were supposed to be there to protect the bunkers. But when Scream and her brethren were released into the world, they began to wreak havoc, as their nature indicated. Scream is initially considered the leader of her five brothers. Spiderman first met Scream while she was terrorizing shoppers at a mall in California. Spiderman defeated her, but Scream had not said her last word.


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