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Soldier 76 raise the steaks (Overwatch)

Raise the steaks

Funko has represented the soldier 76 with one of his less impressive skins for this SDCC exclusive figure. Indeed, he is represented here with a holiday outfit: shorts, a floral shirt and especially socks in his sandals. He also wears a barbecue apron on which is written raise the steaks” but which also contains compartments for his ammunition. Finally, he always wears his big glasses hiding his eyes and holds his futuristic rifle in his right hand.


A mysterious soldier

Soldier 76 is one of the playable heroes of the video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. He became known to the general public following a series of attacks against institutions with shady reputations, including banks and apartments formerly in Overwatch. It is rumored that he is a former soldier of Overwatch who decided to become a kind of vigilante seeking to understand the dubious circumstances that caused the fall of this league many years ago. He would also have been part of a program to improve the general physical condition of soldiers, making him a kind of super soldier a la Captain America.


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