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Spider-Man I love Pi (Marvel)


For this new figure, Funko has represented Spider-Man in full flight on a transparent plastic base. On one side, he is holding a kind of sheet in which many knots have been made. On the other, he’s holding a pizza box whose ingredients are escaping. Finally, he is wearing his tight blue and red suit with a mask that completely hides his face and on which there is a spider web pattern. He wears a t-shirt with a pizza on which is written I love Pi”.


A teenage superhero

Spider-Man is one of the most famous and popular heroes of the Marvel universe. In most versions, he is a rather intelligent and tech-savvy but somewhat clumsy teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider. From that moment on, he develops the ability to climb buildings like a spider, to swing quickly thanks to his webs and sees his senses and strength develop. He then becomes the superhero Spider-Man. The latter is particularly popular for its quirky, youthful humor and for the fact that its hero, Peter Parker, still has a bit of a nerdy, teenage side. Being still growing and doing a lot of physical activity, he is also always hungry and will often be seen eating pizza or cakes.


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