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Spiderman Upgraded Suit (Spiderman Far From Home)

An improved costume

Spiderman is shown here with the improved costume that was made by Tony Stark. This one is black and red and more discreet than his original blue and red suit. The spider web pattern is only on his torso, his boots and on the mask that hides his face. The spider logo on his chest is quite discreet. Finally, he is represented here balancing on a gray base representing a piece of building, the whole well representative of the way Spiderman moves from building to building.


A disturbed holiday

Spiderman is the main character of the movie Spiderman Far From Home, the second opus in the series of movies of the young New York hero since his return to Marvel Studios. The film takes place eight months after the tragic events of Avengers Endgame and Peter Parker is still recovering from the death of his mentor Tony Stark, especially since many seem to see him as his successor. So, when he is contacted by Nick Fury, Peter prefers to ignore the message and decides to go on a school trip to Europe with his friends in order to take his mind off his feelings for his friend MJ. Unfortunately, events catch up with him and when more and more creature attacks are reported around the world, Peter and Spiderman cannot continue to ignore Nick Fury’s calls.


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