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Terrance avec drapeau du Canada chase (South Park)

A real Canadian

For this chase figure, Terrance has been depicted holding a Canadian flag in his left hand. Other than that, he looks exactly the same as the normal version with grey sticks for legs, a red sweater with a T written on it and that famous head cut in half at the level of the mouth like all the Canadian characters of the series. Finally, his hair is black, the only difference (with his sweater) between him and Phillip.


The children’s hero

Terrance is one of the two halves of the comedy duo Terrance and Phillip that the children of the South Park series are so fond of. These two Canadian friends are the heroes of a series where the storyline consists mainly of giving the two men every opportunity to fart in each other’s faces and make scatological jokes. The four heroes Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are fans of the show, which represents all that is worst about American TV, much to the chagrin of their parents, who will try anything to get the show cancelled.


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