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Thanos with mind stone (Avengers Infinity War)

Close to the goal

For this exclusive figure, Funko represented Thanos with his usual brown uniform on the bottom and purple on the top with high boots and nice golden details on the knees, waist or torso. We also find of course this purple skin and the so particular shape of his chin which always makes him particularly recognizable. Finally, he is represented here with his hand raised while he has just put the spirit stone on his gauntlet. This forms a sort of yellow halo around his hand, shown in transparent yellow plastic with glitter adding to the shine.


An altruistic villain

Thanos is the great villain of the new Avengers Infinity War movie. Already met in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, we knew that he was very powerful and that he was already looking for one of the Infinity Stones that Gamora had the mission to bring back to him when she finally decided to join Peter Quill’s team. In Avengers, his search has progressed well and after having recovered the Space Stone from Loki, he sends several of his followers to Earth to recover two others. It is then that we learn his ultimate goal: to gather all the stones in order to have the power to annihilate half the population of the galaxy. Indeed, his world became extinct because the planet could no longer support a growing population and according to Thanos, the only solution would have been to draw lots to kill half of the population.


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