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The Hound (Game Of Thrones)

A warrior above all

As he says himself in the series, Sandor Clegane is above all a warrior whose only pleasure is to kill. As Joffrey’s personal guard and then a knight on the run, he must always be ready to fight and therefore always wears armor. And this is of course how he is represented on this figurine. Although he is in the service of one of the richest families in Westeros, his armor is not particularly luxurious. We can recognize his silver-grey armor, the shape of his pectoral, the few ornaments and his plate tunic. As in the series, the rest of his outfit is black as if to accentuate the darkness of the character. Although he has a preference for his more effective and brutal battle axe, he can also be seen with a sword and that is how he is represented on this figure. Finally the most significant aspect of the character is his face. The burn on the right side of his face is quite well reproduced but it is especially the drooping eyelids that perfectly render this somewhat sad look. And as in the series, his hair is brought back on the side of his face as if trying to hide his scar.


The Hound in the service of the Lannisters

Sandor Clegane, nicknamed The Hound”, is one of the main characters of the novels “A Song Of Ice And Fire” and of the series “Game Of Thrones”. Sandor Clegane is a knight in the service of the Lannisters, willing to perform even the most dishonorable tasks for them. When Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister becomes king following the death of his father, Sandor even becomes a member of his personal guard. With his imposing stature and half-burned face, he is not the character one comes easily to annoy. We learn quite early in the series that he owes his disfigurement to his brother Gregor “The Mountain”, who inflicted it on him when they were children. The Hound keeps a fierce hatred for his brother and a panic fear of fire, his only weakness. He is a complex, surprising and sometimes endearing character who is often a fan favorite in the saga. During the battle against Stannis at the end of season 2 and following the use of wildfire, he decides to flee King’s Landing by proposing to Sansa Stark, for whom he has developed a kind of attachment, to accompany him. She refuses and he finds himself wandering until he crosses paths with Arya Stark. He kidnaps her in the hope of ransoming her to her mother and brother but he arrives too late at the famous “red wedding”. At the end of season 4, Arya leaves him for dead following a serious injury (caused by Brienne in the series, by one of Arya’s former captors in the books).


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