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The Joker gamer (DC Comics)

A gamer Joker

Funko has portrayed the Joker as a gamer here, as we’ve seen with many other characters. This does not represent any specific moment in the comics but rather is part of a specific collection at Funko. The Joker is represented here in his comic book version with a stylish costume in a very bright purple. With this, he wears a red jacket as well as a yellow shirt and a thin green tie. He also wears white gloves and, at the head level, we find his pale complexion, his green hair and his famous smile with yellow teeth. Finally, he is represented as a gamer with a black and silver headset on his head and a game console controller in his hands.


The most smiling super-villain

The Joker is one of the main enemies of Batman, the famous DC Comics superhero. He is probably the enemy that we find in the most comics and their adaptations in movies, series, cartoons or video games. The origin of his character is unclear and in most versions, we do not know his real name, only several aliases like Jack Nappier. The Joker is a criminal whose only motivation seems to be to have fun and cause chaos. He is very unstable psychologically and this led to many stays at the Arkham Asylum psychiatric hospital in Gotham City. As his name suggests, he loves to play with the concept of the Joker character from card games. He has the particularity of having two large scars extending his mouth in a rather disturbing perpetual grin. According to some versions, this (as well as his pale complexion and mental instability) would have been caused by a fall into a vat of acid. Other versions say he did it to himself, but most just don’t explain it.


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