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The Joker Supersized (The Dark Knight)

Unforgettable look

Funko has created a super-sized, 10-inch version of The Joker for this cult character. We find the colorful outfit he wears throughout the film. He wears a purple pants with fine stripes with an elegant green jacket and a tie. Over it, he wears a long coat of a lighter purple and matching gloves. In one of his hands, he holds a playing card with the Joker character. Finally, at the head level, we find his green mid-length hair as well as his very white face, his eyes circled with black and the scars around his mouth.


A mysterious villain

The Joker is one of the most famous villains in the DC Universe. He is the main villain of The Dark Knight, the first of Christopher Nolan’s famous trilogy telling a new version of the Batman story. In this movie, the Joker has a mysterious past that is never told. Even the famous scars that give him that creepy smile are not really explained since he gives different versions depending on who he talks to. In the movie, while Batman has teamed up with Harvey Dent, the new district attorney, to clean up the city of crime, the Joker starts attacking the mob and killing people, his goal seeming to be simply to bring chaos to the city. On the other hand, he seems particularly hostile towards Batman, insisting that he will continue to kill one person every day until Batman reveals his true identity.


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