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Thor Gamerverse (Avengers video game)

A mythological hero

Funko has represented Thor here as we see him in the game, with a different look from the movies. He wears a god-like outfit of blue pants and boots with golden armor on his torso and arms, which are nicely detailed. On his shoulders, he wears a red cape that flies in the wind. He holds his hammer in one hand and his other fist is clenched. The small flashes on his hammer and his eyes turned white show that he is using his powers. Finally, his hair is short as seen in the last movies and he has a long brown beard.


The god who became Avengers

Thor is an important character in the Marvel universe, strongly inspired by the Norse god of the same name. In the Marvel universe, he is in fact an alien from the planet Asgard who inspired human mythology. He is a proud fighter who can control lightning with his hammer (and even without as we will learn later). He ends up on Earth a first time after having disobeyed his father and having been banished by the latter. He returns when his adoptive brother, Loki, comes back with an army in order to take control of the Earth. It is there that he meets Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and the other Avengers and that they become the Avengers. In the Avengers video game from Square Enix Studios released in 2020, the Avengers split up after the terrible events of their fight against Ultron but they will have to get back together under the leadership of Tony Stark who wants to continue to protect the Earth.


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