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Thor holding Surtur’s faceplate (Thor Ragnarok)

Thor before his haircut

For this figure exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Funko has represented Thor at the beginning of the film when he is on the planet of Surtur and therefore before his hair is cut. We can see his god outfit with gray pants and a tunic with matching details nicely represented. He also wears brown boots and his famous red cape. At the level of the head, he still wears his long blond hair and his matching beard. Finally, he holds in his right hand the helmet of Surtur: a red skeleton head with impressive horns.


A temporary rescue

Thor is the hero of the movie Thor Ragnarok, the third opus of the adventures of the Marvel superhero from Asgard. At the beginning of the movie, Thor seems to be trapped on another planet of fire and lava but he actually has a plan. He is there to fight the demon Surtur and steal his skeleton helmet which is the element that would allow him to escape and come to Asgard to cause Ragnarok, the end of the world. He succeeds and returns to Asgard triumphant, only to realize that Loki has taken the appearance of Odin to rule their planet. He then takes her with him to Earth so that they can find their father together, but as soon as they find him, he dies, which frees their sister who had been imprisoned because she was considered too dangerous. And indeed she is determined to take revenge and cause Ragnarok in turn.


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