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Thor Victory Shawarma (Avengers)

Thor gets a taste of Earth customs

Funko has represented Thor here in the post-generic scene of the movie where we see Thor with the five other heroes sharing a shawarma meal as Tony Stark had already proposed several times. The six figures of this series form a whole with the six bases that fit into each other. On the ground, we can see debris and garbage and Thor is sitting on a chair. He is still wearing his blue and silver Asgard armor with his red cape. But he is sprawled on the chair with his hand on his stomach. We also find his little beard and his long blond hair.


Avengers assemble

Thor is one of the six superheroes that make up the original Avengers group. At the beginning of the film, Loki arrives on Earth after making a pact with Thanos to get the help of Chitauri warriors to take over the planet. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends its best people to capture him: Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Then Thor arrives, determined to stop his brother himself. A battle ensues between him and Iron Man but Loki is finally captured and they must cooperate. Later, when Loki manages to escape and open a portal for the Chitauri, the five heroes, with the help of the Hulk who has also joined the team, must cooperate to save New York and the rest of the planet. They succeed after much damage and Thor returns with Loki to Asgard. But before that, the Avengers share a shawarma meal in a half-destroyed restaurant.


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