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Torbjorn (Overwatch)

A true Viking

As in the game, Torbjorn has a heroic fantasy dwarf look with his very large blond beard and rather stocky proportions. He wears a big metal armor with a medieval style but wears a rather futuristic helmet and a hammer which reminds once again the Nordic inspiration of the character. On the head, he has a very big blond matted beard and a matching mustache. Finally, he is accompanied by a small grey and red mechanical robot like the colors of his armor.


A genius engineer

Tjorbjorn is one of the many playable characters in the first-person shooter and arena game Overwatch. Originally from Sweden, Torbjorn was a genius engineer creating the most sophisticated weapons on the planet. But he soon fell into conflict with his bosses who wanted his technology to be controlled by artificial intelligences he didn’t trust. He was proven right when the robots turned against the men who had created them. He joined the Overwatch League to fight against these robots, using his creations to keep the peace and protect humanity.


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