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Tormund Giantsbane (Game Of Thrones)

A remarkable physique

Like all the savages living beyond the wall in lands mostly covered in snow, Tormund wears an outfit made primarily of wool, skins and fur to brave the cold. The textures of these different materials are particularly well represented. On the head, we find the hair and the big red beard that covers part of his face and makes him so recognizable and whose texture is so well rendered. In his right hand, he holds his famous large knife.


Almost a giant

Tormund Giantsbane is a recurring character in the fantasy series Game Of Thrones. He is one of the wild” inhabitants of the North, the free region beyond the great ice wall built in the north of the continent of Westeros. We meet him for the first time in season 2 when Jon Snow, bastard son of Ned Stark and member of the Night’s Watch, pretends to desert to join the wildlings to learn more about them. Tormund is a big redheaded man with an impressive physique and a rather nice personality who has fun pretending to be a half-giant considering his size. Once Jon Snow became leader of the Night’s Watch and faced with the terrifying threat of the White Walkers, he decides to make an alliance with the savages by offering them refuge in exchange for their help during the battle. Tormund is one of the first to accept.


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