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Tracer Christmas (Overwatch)

Festive Heroine

This exclusive Christmas version of the character was sold only in Gamestop stores as a pack with the Christmas version of the Mei character. In addition to her usual tight-fitting suit, here green, Tracer wears here a small skirt with tassels, pointed shoes and a hat that make her look like a Santa Claus elf. In addition to that, we always find of course his short brown hair and his green glasses.


A cult heroine

Tracer is one of the playable characters in the famous online video game Overwatch. She was a test pilot who, after an accident while testing a new prototype, found herself in a very unstable state. Indeed, her molecules were not able to fix themselves to a time or a place and she had almost become a ghost. Fortunately, a scientist managed to stabilize her, but she still had time control abilities that allowed her to slow down time, which was very useful during battles.


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