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Tracer Overwatch 2 (Overwatch)

A fast-paced heroine

Tracer is shown here as seen in the new trailer for the Overwatch 2 video game. She is still wearing a tight orange outfit but the details are a bit different, especially the patterns on her legs. She also wears white and orange sneakers with special heels and her famous orange glasses. Her hair still has the same short cut and she is shown in action with the blue lightning bolt that appears when she is manipulating time.


Return of the cult heroine

As one of the star characters of the first and very popular online video game Overwatch, Tracer is of course back for its sequel. Tracer has the ability to control time and slow it down, which is of course very useful to her during battle. This happened after she had an accident while testing a new plane with teleport function. Her molecules became unstable and, for a while, she became a kind of ghost unable to stay in one place for more than a few seconds. A scientist managed to help her, but she retained some rather handy abilities.


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