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Tracer sporty (Overwatch)

Tracer in a sporty version

For this figure exclusive to the Loot Crate website, Tracer has been represented with her sporty” skin which emphasizes the already rather sporty side of her usual outfit. Instead of his usual colors, Tracer wears here a black suit with some white stripes and some flashy green details like his shoes or the word Tracer written on his left leg. At the level of the head, we find her characteristic haircut, short on one side and longer and voluminous on the other. She also wears some kind of aviator glasses with green lenses in harmony with her shoes.


A timeless heroine

Tracer is one of the playable heroines of the first-person shooter Overwatch. In this futuristic game of two teams of six players fighting for control of an arena, each character has her own story and her own abilities and powers. Tracer was a test pilot for the Overwatch league. One day while testing a new plane with a teleportation matrix, it malfunctioned and the plane disappeared with its pilot. She reappeared some time later but was unable to stabilize her molecules, making her a kind of ghost moving randomly through time. Fortunately a scientist managed to help her but she still kept the ability to manipulate time at will, which is obviously very useful during a fight.


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