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Venomized Doctor Strange (Spiderman Maximum Venom)

A horrible transformation

Doctor Strange is shown here levitating and being transformed by Venom. He is wearing his blue comic book costume with yellow boots, belt and glove. His other glove is white and he is wearing his famous red cape. The cape is almost entirely covered with the black stuff that Venom is made of and you can see some teeth. On the head, his face is already almost completely transformed with a huge mouth with sharp teeth and his hair in the air.


A terrifying hero

Venom is the big villain of season three of the Spiderman animated series. This one being one of the most famous villains of the Marvel universe and in particular Spiderman, the series was renamed for the occasion Spiderman Maximum Venom. Venom is an alien entity that needs a human or other host to survive. It then takes control, leaving its host with no memory of possession. If in some cases, they can be allies since Venom has a tendency to violence that pushes him to kill criminals, here he is an enemy. Doctor Strange is a powerful superhero from the Marvel universe who Peter Parker has met several times. He is a surgeon who, after a serious accident that left him unable to use his hands, tried everything to heal. He even went to Tibet to find a mysterious healer who actually took him under his wing to teach him a powerful magic. At first skeptical, he will become one of his most brilliant disciples and the official protector of New York City.


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