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Venomized Gwenpool (Gwenpool)

A disturbing mix

Gwenpool is represented here in a Venomized version as seen on the Venomized variant of the cover of one of her comics on the occasion of the release of a new series of comics Venom, the famous parasitic alien. We find his costume in shades of pink and purple but partly transformed by Venom. Her legs have become clawed feet and her hands also have long claws. She also has some kind of tentacles that hold her pink phone and a drumstick. On the head, we find Venom’s sharp teeth and long tongue.


A crazy character

Gwenpool is one of the craziest characters in the Marvel universe. She appeared for the first time in a Howard the Duck comic. She steals a dangerous virus from Black Cat and sells it to HYDRA, not out of a desire to do evil but to make money while believing that the Avengers will take care of it. Gwenpool says she came to the Marvel universe from the real world and we don’t know much about her except that she says it’s better for her that her people have forgotten her existence. Her real name is Gwendolyne Poole and she goes to a superhero costume store, but Ronnie, the costume designer, thinking Poole is a reference to Deadpool, makes her a Deadpool-like costume in pink because she wants to get rid of her leftover pink fabric. Gwenpool is apparently a mutant.


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