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Viserion adulte (Game Of Thrones)

The locked up dragon

Viserion is the first one to be represented as an adult and the two others will be modeled after him, changing only the paint colors. Viserion having thus grown up, he is represented in the form of a super-sized figure of 15 cm instead of the usual 10 cm. This, in addition to representing his size, makes it possible to make a figurine much more detailed and thus more successful than his baby version. Viserion is represented standing on his back legs with impressive claws. His long tail is folded on the left side and his bat wings are partially spread. His body is entirely covered with scales, which gives a particularly realistic look to this figurine. His head is relatively close to that of his baby version but the different spikes on his head are better defined and more finely represented and especially his mouth is wide open to reveal his impressive pointed teeth. As in the series, Viserion is beige with touches of gold and the color gradations are particularly well reproduced, which makes it once again a magnificent figure.


Dragons have grown up

Viserion is one of the three dragons of Daenerys in the series Game Of Thrones, adapted from A Song Of Ice And Fire, the medieval fantasy novels by George Martin. While Daenerys Targaryen has been on the continent of Essos since the beginning of the series, most of the other characters are on the continent of Westeros. Most of the great families have been fighting for power and/or revenge since the end of season 1, while a much more serious threat is coming from the North and is struggling to be repelled by the Night’s Watch, a once powerful order now reduced to little more than a hundred men. Across the sea, Daenerys Targaryen is trying to gather an army to march on Westeros to reclaim her rightful throne. She is indeed the last living heir of the mad king Aerys, killed by an alliance of the great families of Westeros just before her birth. At the end of season 1, the dragon eggs she was given for her wedding hatch and Daenerys finds herself the mother of three dragons: Drogon named for her deceased husband, Rhaegal for the older brother she never knew and Viserion for her recently deceased older brother. Daenerys will eventually get ships and will find herself at the head of an army of 8000 particularly loyal soldiers that she will have freed from slavery. Afterwards, she also decides to free the slaves of the other cities of the Slave Bay and settles for a while in the city of Meereen to restore order. It is here that she begins to realize that her dragons are getting out of control. She decides to lock them up in the basement of her pyramid but she can’t control Drogon who disappears.


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