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Vision (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

A new superhero

Vision is a hybrid being half human, half robotic and this is of course visible on his physical appearance. As in the movie, we can see that his skin is purple (although it looks a bit more red on screen). This gives him a style closer to the characters of Guardians of the Galaxy. He comes out of his creation box with a gray suit that still shows that some parts of his body look metallic. Funko has also represented him with his gloves and boots in the characteristic purple of this character. To complete his outfit, Vision also wears a beige/golden cape with, once again, purple touches. His face is also purple, like the rest of his body, and we can see a kind of metallic helmet that comes down on his forehead and contains the famous yellow gem that gives him all his powers. Finally, Funko strangely chose to give him blue eyes while they appear slightly yellow (like the gem) in the movie. But this does not prevent this figure from being, once again, really successful.


Jarvis takes human form

Vision is one of the characters of the movie Avengers Age Of Ultron” from Marvel Studios. The movie starts when the Avengers capture Baron Von Strucker and recover Loki’s scepter that had been missing since the first movie. With the energy contained in this weapon, Tony Stark and physicist Bruce Banner think they can complete the Ultron program, an ultra-powerful planetary defense system inspired by Jarvis, the virtual assistant of superhero Iron Man. But Ultron turns around, takes possession of one of his robots, then spreads all over the Earth thanks to the Internet in order to destroy humanity. To do this, he wants a more powerful body and decides to call upon a genetic researcher to create a body in which he will put the powerful gem present in Loki’s scepter. But the Avengers manage to stop him before they have time to transfer his consciousness into it. Tony Stark then decides to transfer Jarvis’ consciousness into it, in order to finish the work he had started with Ultron. In the meantime, the demigod Thor, undecided about what to do, went to the pool of visions. This allowed him to see that he had to follow Tony Stark’s plan. This will give birth to the character of Vision, a new superhero with particularly strong powers, who will of course help them fight Ultron.


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