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White Walker (Game Of Thrones)

A terrifying appearance

Although the White Walkers all have the same appearance except for a few details, the one represented on the figurine seems to be the leader of those who attack the night guard at the end of the last episode of season 2. As in the show, her skin is light blue and crumpled as if she were mummified, often showing her bones through the skin. Her hair and beard are white and sparse like those of an old man. Her face, although humanoid, has strange proportions that make her look like a prehistoric man and this is very well represented on the figurine. Indeed, Funko has modified the basic mold of the pop! figure heads to give this character the terrifying look that he has in the series. Instead of the usual round black eyes, we find the terrifying blue eyes of the White Walkers. The shape of the nose has been changed to give him that mummified look and Funko decided this time to give him a mouth. As in the series, the outfit of the White Walkers consists of a simple leather loincloth and some pieces of armor on the legs and arms. And finally he carries his famous spear made not of metal but of ice.


A creature of legend

The White Walker is a character from the novels A Song of Ice and Fire” and the series “Game of Thrones”. The White Walkers are a race of humanoid creatures living north of the wall of Westeros. They are very old creatures from the same time as the Children of the Forest living there since long before the arrival of most of its current inhabitants. Today they are considered by most to be extinct or legendary. But as early as season 2 when Jon Snow goes with the night watch beyond the wall, he sees his first White Walker coming to retrieve a baby that Craster gave him as a sacrifice in exchange for his protection. Later, when Jon is away on a mission with Qhorin Halfhand, the rest of the guard is attacked by an army of White Walkers. As Jeor Mormont then says, we quickly realize that the wars between different kings or even against the wildlings are of little importance compared to the threat of the White Walkers. They are powerful creatures. They are humanoid but much taller than men, their skin is blue like ice, their hair is white and their eyes are bright blue. They do not seem to suffer from the cold and seem invulnerable. They have the power to wake up any dead person, animal or human, who then become “wights”, a kind of undead at their service. The only way to kill them is with fire and “dragonglass” (obsidian, a volcanic stone).


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