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Wight (Game Of Thrones)

A warrior in very bad shape

This miniature does not represent a particular wight since it is usually quite difficult to recognize them. Wights keep the appearance they had when they were revived. So, if the person has been dead for a while, the wight will have a very decomposed physique close to the classic horror movie zombie look. And that’s the case with this one. There is only skin left in some places, and in others you can see his bones, in his arms, rib cage, teeth or skull. He still has worn boots, remnants of clothing and some kind of armor on his wrists that suggest he may have been a warrior before his death. The wights are awakened by the white walkers to fight but are not very skilled, that’s why this character carries a heavy axe and not a sword. Finally, his head is only a skull partially covered with skin. His jaw is uncovered and one of his eyes is half closed.


Game Of Thrones zombies

Wights are creatures from the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire” by George Martin and the series “Game Of Thrones” which is the adaptation. The wights are a kind of zombie. They are basically human beings who, after their death, were reanimated by “white walkers” to make them their servants. The white walkers are strange creatures with blue skin and bright eyes, living beyond the wall built in the northern kingdom of Westeros. This process of reanimation stops decomposition, so the dead keep the appearance they had at the time of their reanimation except that their eyes become an unearthly blue like those of their “masters”. The wights can’t speak, just grunt, so we don’t know how much they remember of their lives and what their mental capacities are. They are primarily there to obey their master and fight. The only effective way to kill them is with fire, which explains why the savages living beyond the wall always burn their dead.


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