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Witch King (The Lord Of The Rings)

An impressive physique

As in the movie, the Witch King wears a long black robe a little tattered over an impressive dark gray metal armor. At the level of the head, we can see that he wears a hood as well as a helmet with pointed excrescences which completely hide his potential face. Finally, in his right hand, he holds his impressive sword that he can ignite at will.

The most powerful Nazgul

The Witch King is the most powerful Nazgul in The Lord Of The Rings. Before he became this sort of ghost, neither really alive nor dead, he was one of the nine most powerful kings of men to whom Sauron gave a ring of power. Like the others, he was corrupted by Sauron and became a kind of slave under his orders. The Witch King was, as his name suggests, a witch king and he retained his power in this form. It is him that Sauron sends to try to capture Frodo and the ring he carries. He is also the one that King Theoden will fight later in the trilogy before being finally defeated by Eowyn.


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