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Wolverine (Marvel)

Unique style

Funko has represented Wolverine here with his superhero outfit as seen in the movies. It’s a black jumpsuit with yellow elements, including a large X on his torso and a smaller X on his waist. He is in a fighting stance with one leg back and his hands spread out with his claws out. On the head, we can see his hair styled in two points on the sides of the head and his characteristic beard.


The most famous X-Men

Wolverine is one of the most famous characters in the Marvel X-Men universe, both in the comics and in the movies. Like the other X-Men characters, Wolverine is a mutant and his particularity is that he can heal from any injury and regenerate. For this reason, it is difficult to know his real age, especially since he has undergone scientific experiments that have erased part of his memory. In fact, a secret branch of the government had kidnapped him and, taking advantage of his abilities, equipped his bones with adamantium, a particularly resistant metal that makes him even stronger and more resistant. They also added retractable claws that gave him the nickname Wolverine. Wolverine will be recruited by Professor Xavier quite late in his life, to join the X-Men, a group of superheroes fighting bad mutants and other threats in an attempt to give a better image of mutants who are persecuted by the general public.


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