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Wolverine’s motorcycle (X-Men)

The most famous biker

For this exclusive Marvel Collector Corps figure, Wolverine was represented on his famous Harley Davidson-type motorcycle. This one is black with the little flames on the sides and his camping stuff on the back. You can see that it has been through a lot as there are traces of mud on the bottom. Wolverine is shown sitting on the motorcycle with one hand on the handlebars and the other with his claws out. He is wearing beige jeans, a skin jacket and an X-Men belt buckle. On the head, we find this so particular haircut with particularly long legs creating a beard with the funny shape.


A very old mutant

Wolverine is one of the most famous members of the X-Men, the mutant superheroes of the Marvel publishing house. Woverine, whose real name is Logan, is more than 150 years old, thanks to his phenomenal regeneration powers that allow him to almost never age but also to survive almost anything, including a bullet in the head. He has also been the victim of scientific experiments and his entire skeleton has been reinforced with adamantium, a particularly hard and resistant metal. In addition to his normal bones, he was also implanted with three retractable metal claws in each hand, making him a formidable weapon and giving him his nickname Wolverine.


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