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Wonder Woman amazone (Wonder Woman)

An Amazon warrior

Wonder Woman is shown here with the outfit she wears at the beginning of the film, when she is still on the island of Themyscira. She is wearing a simple Greek-inspired amazon outfit. It is composed of a beige bustier held by brown leather straps as well as a pleated skirt and brown leather spartan sandals. At her wrists, we find the two metal bracelets that serve to concentrate her strength and in her left hand, she holds her shield. Finally, at the head level, her face is simple and her hair is tied in a long braid at the back of her head.


The origins of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana, is the heroine of the movie of the same name inspired by DC comics. Diana is the youngest of the Amazons now living in peace on the island of Themyscira. Indeed, after Zeus created them in order to fight Ares who had undertaken to corrupt men and they won, they retired on the secret and paradisiacal island of Themyscira and Zeus gave them Diana. All her childhood, she was told that she was only a gift from Zeus but she will finally learn that her role will be to defeat and kill Ares definitively when he decides to come back on Earth. To do this, she will be trained in combat by her aunt Antiope, the greatest Amazon warrior who has ever existed.


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