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Wonder Woman Flying (Wonder Woman 1984)

In full flight

For this new version of the character, Funko represented her in full race, almost on the point of flying away. She is placed on a transparent base to accentuate the movement. She wears her usual Wonder Woman outfit with a short blue skirt, big red and gold boots like Greek sandals and a red bustier with gold edges and the eagle motif at the neckline. She wears her lasso of truth hung at the waist and her bracelets of strength around the wrists. Finally, we find her long brown hair styled in the 80’s fashion and her golden tiara around her forehead.


The heroine of a new era

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, is the heroine of the Wonder Woman movie and its sequel Wonder Woman 1984 based on the DC Comics of the same name. Diana is the last of the Amazons created by Zeus himself to fight the god Ares. She lived for millennia on the immortal island of Themyscira until a World War I pilot stumbled upon her island and realized that humans were still suffering and that she could help them. In this second movie, we find her in 1984 where she continues to live under the name of Diana Prince and intervenes as Wonder Woman if necessary. This time she will be confronted with her friend Barbara who will become little by little obsessed with eternal life and will end up resenting Diana. In an archeological dig, she will find an artifact that will transform her into Cheetah, a kind of feline creature with tenfold speed and strength.


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