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Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Wonder Woman 1984)

An armor that does not go unnoticed

For this new version of the character, funko has represented her with the famous golden armor that can be seen on the posters of the film. This is a metal armor covering her entire body with boots, armor at the torso and even arms. At the head level, she also wears a helmet whose top reminds an eagle’s head and her long brown hair protrudes in her back. In her right hand she holds the famous golden lasso of truth and on her back we can see that her armor has some kind of long folded eagle wings.


The Amazon arrives in the 80s

Wonder Woman is the heroine of the movie Wonder Woman 1984, following the first opus taking place during the First World War. Her real name is Diana, and Wonder Woman is in fact the last of the Amazons created by Zeus to fight Ares, the god of war. While the Amazons had retreated to their mythical island since their last victory against Ares, an American soldier, Steve Trevor, stumbles in and convinces Diana to take a renewed interest in humans and help them during the raging war. In Wonder Woman, Diana being immortal, we find her in the 80’s in the middle of the cold war where she will fight the businessman Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. She will also be reunited with Steve Trevor, with whom she fell in love, although he sacrificed himself in the previous opus.


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