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Wun Wun (Game Of Thrones)

An unforgettable physique

Although mostly humanoid, the giants in the series have a strange face that gives them an almost Neanderthal look, reminding us that they are a very ancient race. His features as well as his hair and beard are very well represented on this super-sized figure. On the body, we can see that Wun Wun is dressed in multiple pieces of cloth assembled roughly instead of real clothes and he wears a kind of armor that seems to be made of bones. Finally, Wun Wun is clearly represented here during his last moments since we can see that he is riddled with arrows that will eventually get the better of him.


A giant hero

Wun Wun is a character of the giant race in the fantasy series Game Of Thrones. When the leader of the Night’s Watch protecting the continent of Westeros from potential attacks from the North, is killed, it is against all odds the young Jon Snow who is elected to take his place. When he realizes how reduced their numbers are as the White Walkers are about to attack, he decides to propose an alliance with the Wildlings” of the North and in particular the few giants who still live with them. Wun Wun is relatively friendly to Jon Snow and when the latter leaves the guard to go to war and take Winterfell back from Ramsay Bolton, he is the first to volunteer to help him. Unfortunately, he dies after breaking down the castle gates and allowing Jon and the Arryn’s army to enter.


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