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Xander eyepatch chase (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Xander during the last episodes of the series

For this chase figure, Xander is represented with the headband he wears during the very last episodes of the series. Indeed, in the last season, Buffy and her gang face the ultimate evil that sends them armies of its worst emissaries. One of them is a demonic priest with inhuman strength. During a fight, while Xander is trying to protect someone else, he takes out one of his eyes. He survives but has lost his eye and must wear a blindfold for the rest of the series. Other than that, he is shown wearing simple gray pants and a blue shirt pulled out of his pants. His arms are crossed in front of his chest and we can recognize his simple brown hair.

The heart of the group

Xander is one of the four original members of Buffy’s little gang from the fantasy series of the same name. Buffy is a California high school student who also has the distinction of being the last of a line of warriors fighting vampires, demons and dark forces. While her mission is supposed to remain a secret, the two new friends she makes when she arrives, Willow and Xander, discover by chance who she is when they overhear her talking with Giles, the librarian, who also happens to be Buffy’s watcher. From that moment on, Willow and Xander decide to help Buffy in her mission, which will also allow her to remain a young girl like the others and to be able to continue her studies. Xander is a fun guy, the funny one of the gang, but he is also particularly loyal and ready to do anything for his friends, which makes up for his lack of ability to fight demons.


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