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Young Gamora (Avengers Infinity War)

A young version of Gamora

Funko has depicted her as a child in this version of Gamora as seen in Thanos’ flashback and in the vision he has at the end. She wears a purple tunic with matching pants and boots. Her outfit is embellished with strips of fabric in red and gold patterns. As in the movie, her skin is green with symmetrical patterns on the face. As for the hair, it is black with purple tips and styled in a kind of bun on each side of the head whose tip falls above his shoulders.


A sad fate

Gamora is one of the main characters of the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, which is also part of the Avengers Infinity War movie. Gamora comes from an alien people of whom we don’t know much except that Thanos partially decimated their world. Finding the little girl to be a particularly strong fighter, Thanos decided to make her his adopted daughter, also genetically modifying her to make her a real killing machine, resistant and very strong. On her side, her relationship with him was complicated since she hated him but also loved him at the same time. When she could, she took the opportunity to betray him and join the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the movie Avengers Infinity War, Thanos is after the six Infinity Stones that will finally allow him to carry out his plan to destroy half the galaxy in order to save it. To get one of the stones, he has to sacrifice the person he loves most in the world, and that person happens to be Gamora.


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