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Zombie Black Panther (Marvel Zombies)

A terrible zombie

Black Panther is represented here in zombie version. We can see his black suit with a mask with panther ears and a golden necklace, a bracelet and matching claws. His costume is torn in several places, revealing a green and tattered skin. His jaw is also raw as well as his right leg of which only the bone remains.


T’Challa joins the army of the dead

Black Panther, alias T’Challa, is one of the important characters of the mini-series of comics of the Marvel editions, Marvel Zombies imagined among others by the creator of The Walking Dead. These comics are largely set on a parallel Earth where an alien virus has spread and turned almost everyone into zombies, including the superheroes who have retained their superpowers but are now starving for human flesh. Black Panther with Magneto and Tony is one of the superheroes who don’t get infected right away and help some of the population to escape to another dimension. In the Marvel universe, T’Challa is the king of Wakanda, an imaginary African country and very developed technologically thanks to the alien ore that arrived with the crash of a meteorite thousands of years ago.


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