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Zombie Morbius (Marvel Zombies)

A terrifying scientist

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Morbius in his zombie version. He still wears his doctor’s coat, which does not completely hide his partially decomposed rib cage, revealing his spine. At the level of the head, we can see that his body is well decomposed because he has almost no nose. He also has his vampire attributes with his red eyes and teeth much sharper than normal and covered with blood. Finally, we find his hands whose nails are more like claws, his long black hair and his pointed ears.


A vampire zombie

Morbius is a well-known character in the Marvel universe. In our dimension, he was a highly regarded biochemist who found himself with the traits and specificities of a vampire after an experiment that was supposed to cure his rare blood disease. Instead, he ended up with a thirst and need for human blood to survive. We first meet him as Spider-man’s enemy before he gets his own adventures as an anti-hero. He then became a kind of vigilante acting at night and in a very violent way. In the Marvel Zombies comics set on Earth 2149, a terrible epidemic transforming humans into zombies has spread. When Morbius is infected, he becomes a zombie with a hunger for human flesh as well as a thirst for blood. He goes to Earth 616 and kidnaps his counterpart in order to take his place and infect the other humans of this earth.


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