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Zombie Mysterio (Marvel Zombies)

A zombie alien

Mysterio is represented here with the famous alien costume he wears in the comics, a tight green suit with a big pink cape. But we can see that it is torn in places and reveals his ribs. At the head level, we find his head which is now a big rotting brain in a broken glass jar.


A creative zombie

Mysterio, whose real name is Quentin Beck, is one of the many Marvel characters who are transformed into zombies in the Marvel Zombies comic book series. This one takes place on the parallel Earth 2149 where a zombie epidemic has transformed or killed a large part of the population including some heroes or villains like Mysterio. The latter was a human who wanted to become an actor but lacking charisma, found himself in special effects. Wishing to become famous, he uses his technical knowledge to try to have Spiderman arrested by pretending to be him while robbing banks. In Marvel Zombies, he will use his knowledge to hunt down as many humans as possible to eat their flesh.


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