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Zombie Wolverine (Marvel Zombies)

A metallic skeleton

Wolverine is represented here with his classic comic book outfit, a tight yellow and blue suit with a black mask in front of his eyes forming a kind of V. But this one being a zombie, he is now very degraded. We can see on his arms, his torso and his face where he was bitten, his flesh is raw and we can see a toxic green substance. At the level of his hands, only his metal frame remains, his flesh having completely disappeared and we find it at the level of the torso and the jaw.


A creative zombie

Wolverine, whose real name is Logan, is one of the most famous characters of the X-Men license. He is a mutant with extraordinary regenerative powers who has been given an adamantium skeleton with retractable claws on his hands. If Logan is always on the side of the good guys, in the Marvel comic Zombies, set on parallel Earth 2149, he is one of the many humans who have succumbed to an epidemic that has turned many of them into zombies. From the moment they are infected, the zombies only think of one thing, to devour fresh flesh. And for that, they are ready to travel through space and dimensions. This is particularly terrifying when you think about the powers that mutants as powerful as Wolverine have access to.


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